Should I draw Nina and Candice playing flag football?

  1. iwannabehero answered: Candice (I thing)
  2. the-spinningarrow answered: yes!!!! =D
  3. thesavagewild answered: awh, yes!
  4. maer25 answered: Yes!!!
  5. smccallski answered: YES ! DEFINITELY YES!
  6. nessian answered: that’s nice :P
  7. loveislouderlil answered: Hell yeah! Lol
  8. siriusblackisflawless answered: oh yes yes yes ! But, can you draw Klaroline too please?
  9. chaoskittys-world answered: Why not?! ;)
  10. livinginthefairytales answered: YES!!
  11. hope-strongerthanfear answered: YES, YOU SHOULD!! Very soon, please :DD
  12. l-ucia answered: yes!
  13. alihendrixed answered: Yessss
  14. lydia-forbes answered: yessss
  15. allisonartgent answered: YEES
  16. stephtv answered: Fuck yeah! :)
  17. scotthowling answered: YES!!!!
  18. petrovafangs answered: omg yes! absolutely :)
  19. cupcakesandconcerns answered: YES
  20. diariesofavampirefan answered: of course, will be beautiful!
  21. jaybunzy0 said: YES!
  22. catniplina answered: yesss.
  23. iamdelena answered: yes ……..
  24. the-bastard-stark answered: I think you should draw Nina chewing her gum on set :P
  25. loveyoumore-j answered: yes! :)
  26. belstiel answered: DOOOOOOO ITTTTTT!!!!! Please. C:
  27. kunikaze answered: One answer: Yes.
  28. tehjessums answered: YES hehe
  29. ithinkimightveinhaledyou answered: yes!!!!
  30. therosetylah answered: YES, you should :D
  31. ikisseddamon answered: Yes!
  32. ironthrones answered: yesssssss
  33. paintingflowersfor answered: for god’s sake yes !
  34. space-dementia49 answered: YES! the amount of cute would be mind blowing